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FFVDP’s mission is to make every family in the targeted village develop in every sphere via 6 mission topics by following ethics and values in their

lives and help everyone achieve their goals in a sustainable manner.

Field staff

FFVDP improves the development of everyone in the family through an inclusion of ethics and values

Geetha Radha
Community Organizer , GVPF, AP

FFVDP is a special purpose development vehicle invented by Linsi Foundation with a mission to bring light into the lives of poor downtrodden families of targeted villages andsee that the village is a holistically developed one.

JMJ Field staff

FFVDP is a very useful program that aims at development of every family through the 6 mission topics.


FFVDP helps families ( children Education).
"Our vision for every child life in all its fullness

 Our prayer for every heart the will make so"
Together towards fullness of life.

JMJSSS Nallapadu.

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