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The vision of Family Focused Village Development Programme (FFVDP) is to empower vulnerable people to not only to grow and develop into strong self-sustaining communities but to empower them to claim their rights.

The ideals of unity, social justice, dignity underline this vision of the Family Focused Village Development Programme (FFVDP) in India. Some of the most depressed and vulnerable people are the tribal communities, the original inhabitants of the subcontinent who have today become displaced and marginalised, and without a voice. People not belonging to any caste are equally disadvantaged in some villages. These are the communities that are in dire need of interventions.


The Family Focused Village Development Programme (FFVDP)'s mission is to create
strong sustainable communities in rural areas. In Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Tamil
Nadu states of South India. FFVDP focusses on the original inhabitants of the

Known as Adivasis or Dalits, or scheduled tribes, they form an important link to early settlement and cultural rooting of Indian society.

In the name of development, entire villages have been displaced, relocated and forced

to live in urban and semi urban settings having to cope with the loss of livelihoods,
traditions and their way of life.

FFVPD´s mission is to empower marginalized, deprived communities in rural India and to
address diverse issues and concerns through a holistic approach.


This focus on holistic, family-centred development is done through six areas of
intervention, its guiding philosophy being ‘investment in ethics and values.

With the formation of village development councils [VDCs] and Family Development
Groups [FDGs] the members of the community are empowered to identify, articulate and
address their issues in a community-driven development approach.

The Family Focused Village Development Strategy (FFVDP) strategy focuses on these
key areas that will not only benefit these communities in the short-term but also put in
place sustainable systems in the long term.


The Family Focused Village Development Programme (FFVDP) has emerged from a more than 10-year innovation process led by a Swiss charitable foundation. Together with the Indian Executive Committee and NGO partners, a leading village development programme and operational excellence was developed.


This process was driven by a culture of trust guided by the concept "together to the top".

It is now time to transfer this investment in ethics and values to Indian partners.

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